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James Petty


Why “DevOps Engineer” as a Job Title is Misleading

I’m often asked why I dislike the job title, “DevOps Engineer” so much. It’s not that I begrudge anyone a great title, which that clearly is (if you’re a nerd). It’s that applying DevOps to a job title can be a red herring, and make companies think they’re “doing” DevOps,Read More

Free eBook, “DevOps: The Ops Perspective”

We’ve recently released a new, free eBook entitled?DevOps: The Ops Perspective.?So much of the DevOps conversation centers around software development – Agile methodologies and so on – that we wanted to step back and take a look at what IT Operations needs to bring to the table. DevOps, after all,Read More

DevOps: A History

Nell Shamrell-Harrington, a Software Development Engineer at Chef, gave a wonderful talk on the history of DevOps at a recent conference, and was kind enough to?share her deck. Some of the highlights: While DevOps has recently become just another marketing buzzword in many circles, it had a much more meaningfulRead More

Why DevOps Seems to be More “Dev” than “Ops”

I’ve been struggling with something recently, and in that struggle – which I’ll share in a minute – I’ve had some realizations that I wanted to put before you. Whether you’re a fan of Apple or not, the company has done something pretty important to the IT industry: they’ve taughtRead More

Maybe “Infrastructure as Code” Isn’t the Right Way

Whenever luminaries speak of DevOps, they often use the phrase?Infrastructure as Code?to sum up some of DevOps’ major goals. However, I’ll argue that it’s both semantically and syntactically incorrect and undesirable.