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It takes more than Agile development and a few tools. DevOps means changing the way you think about IT management from the top down.

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What We Do

What We Do

We’re continually trying new things, to see what helps the DevOps community – and especially the Ops side – further their goals, their careers, and their knowledge. Some of our major projects include:

PowerShell.orga community focused on technologies built around the open PowerShell Language Specification, including Windows PowerShell, Desired State Configuration, WS-Management, and more. These technologies form an important basis for DevOps-style approaches on many platforms, including the Microsoft Windows operating system. offers webinars, a public Continuous Integration build service, code repositories, Q&A forums, and much more.
PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit, an in-person seminar focusing on concrete DevOps practices implemented primarily in PowerShell Language Specification-related technologies. This is where you learn to put DevOps practices into real-world use on a broad set of platforms., this site, where we focus on DevOps from the business-level, practitioner perspective. We propose best practices and encourage conversation and debate, influencing the state of the industry.
Free eBooks provide both business-level education as well as concrete technology implementations.


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The Team

Don Jones

President and CEO


Gael Colas is a Cloud and Automation consultant based in London, UK, and a fervent DevOps enthusiast. He has a extended experience in Infrastructure Operations for Financial Services, supporting critical platforms, with tight security constraints. Although from a networking background, he went briefly through development, unix administration, Windows and third-party applications administration before falling in love with PowerShell and automation. Currently, Gael is at the service of a European Cloud Provider to develop PaaS and IaaS solutions. Passionate about Management, DevOps, Lean, Agile, ITIL, Gael is simply addicted to learning. Increasingly, Gael shares his thoughts and discoveries through blog posts and twitter via @gaelcolas.

Adam Bertram

Adam Bertram is an independent consultant, technical writer, trainer and presenter. Adam specializes in consulting and evangelizing all things IT automation mainly focused around Windows PowerShell. Adam is a Microsoft Windows PowerShell MVP, 2015 PowerShell hero and has numerous Microsoft IT pro certifications. He authors IT pro course content for Pluralsight, is a regular contributor to numerous print and online publications and presents at various user groups and conferences. You can find Adam at or on Twitter at @adbertram.
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Nell Shamrell-Harrington, a Software Development Engineer at Chef, gave a wonderful talk on the history of DevOps at a recent conference, and was kind enough to share her deck. Some of the highlights:

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Nor is any technology or product. I should remind a famous quote: “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” Bill Gates It may sound counterproductive from… Read More

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We’d love your help in creating a logo that can be used here on the website, and turned into a cool laptop sticker. Nothing too busy or complicated, and it can either use “The DevOps Collective” company name, or “” website name. We can use the “Admin@” email alias at to accept these.… Read More

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