Geeks will Never “Get” DevOps

hat-146906_1280I’m a geek; born, raised and I carry my card proudly. We geeks tend to be technical in nature. That’s what makes us geeks in the first place. We love technology and were hired for our jobs because we’re pretty damn good at it. Long ago, this was good enough. It didn’t matter if we could see the value being provided to the business. We simply kept the servers humming or built the features we were told. DevOps is different and if you’re not capable of seeing past that you’ll always be stuck at the DevOps kiddie-level.

I’m nearing my 20th year of geek service and have embraced DevOps wholeheartedly. When I say I’ve embraced it, I’m not saying I just like fiddling with all the cool tools. I’d be lying if I did. But it’s not just about all of the propeller-head technologies us geeks love to tinker with. The most important reason is because I see the culture change possible when an organization adopts DevOps. I’ve had seven jobs in my career and have seen firsthand what a toxic culture can be. What DevOps teaches about culture and the team mentality is truly inspiring.

It truly bothers me when I consistently see technical trainers, recruiters and organizations deprioritize all of the soft and mushy aspects of DevOps like culture, teamwork, trust and mutual respect. These are the most important aspects of DevOps. The term DevOps did not originate from technology. It originated from manufacturing efficiency methodologies known as LEAN. It’s root are in manufacturing widgets which is far from the virtual widgets that developers create.

Why are we trying to prioritize only a small subset of what makes DevOps just because we’re the most comfortable with it? We’re truly doing ourselves a disservice here.

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