Author: Adam Bertram


DevOps for Companies with No Software Developers

I was having a conversation with a long-time college buddy over lunch today. He works at a local hospital as a SAN administrator and general jack of all IT trades. This is a traditional hospital where they use hundreds of applications, yet none are built in-house. They purchase lots ofRead More

Geeks will Never “Get” DevOps

I’m a geek; born, raised and I carry my card proudly. We geeks tend to be technical in nature. That’s what makes us geeks in the first place. We love technology and were hired for our jobs because we’re pretty damn good at it. Long ago, this was good enough.Read More

The Power of Labeling and the Rise of “DevOps”

If you’ve been around the IT space for many years and are starting to hear all this buzz about DevOps you may find yourself confused. Why?┬áIt’s because the practices that define DevOps is not new. Your organization may be pro-automation, your dev and ops teams get along just fine, yourRead More