Originally formed in 2012, The DevOps Collective, Inc., is a US nonprofit dedicated to education and community in the DevOps field. We specialize in technologies built around the PowerShell Language Specification (PLS), covering all platforms and operating systems.

The Board of The DevOps Collective consists of Don Jones (Chairman, president, and CEO), Jason Helmick (vice-president and CFO), Richard Siddaway, Jeffery Hicks (secretary), Steve Murawski, and Will Anderson. The organization does not pay a salary to its Board members, and has no employees. We earn approximately $280,000 per year from Summit registrations, and spend approximately $210,000 of that producing the Summit itself, including a legally mandated annual Board meeting. Our remaining $20,000 in operational expenses brings our annual budget to around $230,000; our remaining revenue is spent on other educational and community programs, including our “GetGoing” scholarship program for new entrants to the IT Operations field and support of regional educational events.

Aside from the Summit and the PowerShell.org website, we offer a public PowerShell/Pester build service for continuous integration pipelines in open-source projects. We offer a number of free ebooks, free webinars, and more. Summit sessions are recorded and offered for free on YouTube, barring any technical or logistical difficulties that inhibit recording a particular session. We also provide assistance to local user groups and enthusiasts who want to hold their own local events, such as a PowerShell Saturday event.